How to cope with Nausea and vomiting Pregnant Young

Pregnancy is the most enjoyable thing for any woman. But there are some women who experience nausea vomiting in first trimester pregnant which is often referred to as "Morning Sickness" or young pregnant nausea. Longer than "Morning Sickness" it is different for every woman, there are only a couple of weeks but there are also pregnancy until 4 months or so. While the severity of the young pregnant nausea experienced by every woman also varies is only nausea but there are also up to puke and didn't even get food at all because of the vomiting.

If you are experiencing nausea young pregnant, there are several ways that you can do to overcome my nausea and vomiting, which are:

  1. Eat a little a little but often
  2. Try to eat the bread and drink warm water up to bed in the morning
  3. Multiply eat foods containing carbohydrates, such as tubers, cassava, potatoes, bread, biscuits and so on
  4. Consume fruit and vegetables fresh can reduce the nausea and facilitate digestion in young pregnant women
  5. Consume food spicy or acidic, but don't overdo it as it can be an unpleasant backlash in want
  6. Drink milk for pregnant women who have a uterus anti nausea in order to reduce nausea
  7. Cukupi uptake of vitamin B6 to reduce nausea, but use the right doses and consult in advance with your obstetrician.
  8. Use scents therapy and relaxing massage
  9. Avoid nausea triggers, such as cigarette smoke, the smell of onions, or perfume that smells sharp
  10. Consume ginger, can be chewed directly or made drinks
  11. Break with enough, can reduce the sense of nausea and vomiting.

Young pregnant nausea does actually not inevitable, but at least with tips-tips above you can reduce or avoid the nausea that comes up.

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